Kluber fans 18 en route to 0-2 victory

“Anytime you’re mentioned in the same sentence as Bob Feller it’s humbling,” Corey Kluber said.

As if a sign from the baseball Gods, on the day that the museum for Hall of Famer Bob Feller, who also struck out 18 batters on Oct. 2, 1938, Corey Kluber had a Hall of Fame type of game, striking down batter after batter for eight innings against the St. Louis Cardinals.

“He has unbelievable stuff. I was talking to Carlos Santana and he said, “He looks like he did last year.”

“I did it for Mother’s Day,” said Kluber.

The final game in the three game stand begins today at 11:30. Get your tickets today and help cheer on your Cleveland Indians.!

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